VF300 Odour Filter


Designed to be used at commercial sites where there is a medium to high airflow rate. Commonly used on vent stack poles/pipes; pump stations and surrounding buildings; sewer lines with odour problems.

Replacement VF300MC media cartridge available.

Adaptation available to most pipe sizes.

Corrosion resistant wind assisted fan can be employed where there is medium to high airflow. 

Technical Specification:

Inlet AV H2S conc ppm: Inlet Max H2S conc ppm: Inlet Airflow (l/s): Outlet Pressure Loss Pa: Outlet H2S conc ppm: Dimensions: Weight (kg): Media Frequency: Inspection Frequency:
5 100 0-20 200 0 385mmDiaTop x 315mmDiaBase x 520mmH 13 12-24 Passive 12; Wind ass

Price (ex VAT): £900.00 Quantity:
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