VF100 Odour Filter


The VF100 vent filter is used in domestic and commercial situations, with low airflow rates. Suitable for 100mm diam vent, it is ideal for small domestic treatment systems or septic systems and grease trap vent stacks. It is highly effective in quickly putting end to the emission of bad sewer smells in summer when the weather warms up. (Click on the photo to see a diagram cross-section for fitting.)

100mm Replacement media cartridge available (VF100MC).

Adapter available for varying vent pipe dimensions.

Wind assisted fan can be adapted to fit this filter if extraction is needed. 


Technical Specification:

Inlet AV H2S conc ppm: Inlet Max H2S conc ppm: Inlet Airflow (l/s): Outlet Pressure Loss Pa: Outlet H2S conc ppm: Dimensions: Weight (kg): Media Frequency: Inspection Frequency:
<2 10 5 N/A 0 110mmDia x 120mmH x 165mmCap 1.17 N/A Passive 12mths; Wind assisted 6mths

Price (ex VAT): £140.00 Quantity:
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